Over the years, I have found no better way to personalize a flute than to have it custom painted to reflect your journey. The wood becomes the canvas and the paint sings your song. In 1993 I was fortunate enough to meet a very talented artist who uses native woods of Oregon as her medium of choice. Her name is Alix Mosieur of "Red Horse Art Company". Alix calls Oregon her home and currently splits her time between her house in the country, and a rustic cabin overlooking the pristine McKenzie River. Alix loves working the land and feels very connected to all of its animals and feathered friends. It is her love of life that brings her painting alive. She loves the challenge of painting the flutes and has adapted to working with the smaller medium. Alix also paints Native American and wildlife scenes on wall hangings, unique tables, murals, and room dividers which are exhibited in art galleries all over the United States. I'm honored to be able to call Alix my friend and to share her work with you in such a special way. I guess you could call me an Alix -holic! If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning Alix to create unique artwork, (other than flute painting), please give us a call and we will put you in touch with her.

Jeff Calavan

Winter Wolf


River Elk

Indian Flute Player

North Coast Loon

Wolf Vision

Orca Whale

Night Raid Horses

c u s t o m f l u t e s . c o m
by Jeff Calavan of Laughing Mallard and the Oregon Flute Store