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(McGary Vision Flute pictured above)

Over the years the Custom Flute Shop has created dream flutes for many special people wanting to capture a moment of time in the form of a flute and song. My passion for creating these dream flutes has been fueled by the overwhelming positive responses that I have received from my customers. To create a Native American style dream flute, it requires me to get to know and share your vision, dream, or special life event. As the flute develops, so does the new friendship. It is this special connection with people that helps creates their cherished flute. I will go to any level to see that your vision is captured in the form of playable art. In the tradition of the old time violin maker, each flute is created one at a time from start to finish. I will not start another flute until yours is complete. I only make roughly 40 flutes a year with quality, rather than quantity, as my personal goal. I create one of a kind dream flutes as a passion and not as a primary living. This allows me the time to go to any level needed to find that perfect piece of wood, carve, burn, paint, bead, and tune your dream flute. In this fast paced world, I hope that you take the time to take a step back in time with me and let the magic unfold….One at a time!

In Song, Jeff
Flute maker, Custom Flute Shop

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"Red Bear"

"Northern Wolf"

"Thunder Horse"

"Earth Turtle Song"


"River Harmony"

"Mallard Heart"

"Dream Song"

"Sings with Eyes"

"Raven Magic"