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Pricing on all flutes vary according to the intricacy of the design requested. Quality and satisfaction are a must. Orders are kept to a minimum so that no customer waits any longer than necessary. Each flute is hand crafted using only the finest instrument grade wood available in our wood cellar. Each flute is painstakingly tuned in a pentatonic scale using an electronic chromatic tuner. Sound quality is accurate creating a voice in harmony from every flute. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Because each flute is unique to the customer's vision I can only approximate cost. The following are just guidelines.

Flute with custom carved fetish: $280.00
Flute with carved fetish and artwork: $350.00
Flute with carved fetish, carved head and painted: $600 and up

Note: A variety of keys are available.

A price will be quoted at the time of order and a down payment of 50% is required. The balance will be due upon completion of the flute. Each flute comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, a custom Pendleton wool Trader quiver, ($30.00 value) and is signed by Jeff.

To contact flute maker Jeff Calavan of Laughing Mallard,
call Toll-Free: 1-888-88FLUTE, or E-mail, to discuss
or to order your custom flute.