c u s t o m f l u t e s . c o m

("Spring Bear" featured in above picture)

There is nothing quite like watching a simple piece of ancient wood slowly being reborn into a flute with personality and spirit. To me, it is like watching the spirit of the tree return to life with a smile. It has always amazed me how beautiful and elegant a flute can become at the hands of a good carver. Each spirit end has its own personality and, if I do my job correctly, it will become a part of yours. Like the block or fetish, the spirit end can be representative of your inner spirit, or a totem animal or being, that reflects your personality. That's why each flute is created as a team effort with the flute maker, working with you to create your personal dream flute. I have carved many ends such as eagles, bears, wolves, horses, ravens, ducks, elk, or birds using varied methods of carving, burning, and painting to achieve the end result. I look forward to helping you capture your spirit in a timeless piece of playable art much like the North Coast Indian totem poles of days past. Your spirit and story preserved forever…