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Having worked with wood for 7 years and as a sales manager for six hardwood mills for another 12 years, I've learned that all wood is not created equal. If you take the time to research guitars, for instance, you will find several models of guitars that look similar but vary greatly in price. This is no mystery; what you are paying extra for is the premium grade instrument quality wood usually harvested from old growth trees. The tighter and older the grain pattern the mellower and richer the resonance.

The same is true with flutes. You will find that a flute made of tight old growth vertical grain wood will sound more mellow and will resonant better compared to a similar flute made of second growth fiber, which will sound dull. This is very important to a player who appreciates the richness of sound as well as the visual appearance.

Since I believe in using environmentally friendly wood, I have spent a great deal of time working to find recycled wood to make my flutes with. Over the years, I have been able to find sources that allow me to stock several types of old growth recycled wood with unique appearances and outstanding musical qualities. This fiber comes from old wooden covered bridges, beams from old mills, and even old barns. This wood is not easy to get and is reserved only for the Oregon Flute Store's Custom Shoptm flutes. When you order a custom flute from the Custom Flute Shop tm, you will be able to hand pick the species of your choice and rest assured that you are bringing a piece of the ancient past to the present, thus restoring the spirit of the tree.

"Within every tree lives a song. The tree shares its song with the wind and the song continues forever as a gift to you through the hands of the flute maker. I have asked my son Eugene to share one of his original poems with you as a gift . Enjoy!"


Jeff Calavan, Flute Maker